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Our online courses unlock decades of real-world experience to help you level up your detailing game.

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Detailing 101

The Enthusiast Detailing Course

From paint evaluation to correction to protection, this course builds your skills from the ground up. Dig into our in-depth video lessons and downloadable guides. Skip the guesswork and invest in the right products and tools from the start. We’ll ensure you begin your detailing education on the right foot!
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Enthusiast Detailing Course

For: Enthusiast Detailers or Pros Looking To Refresh Their Skills

  • Student Lesson Plan
  • Getting Familiar With The Course
  • Foundations – Best 15 Minutes For Detailers

Master Document – Exteriors & Exteriors 101

  • The History of Detailing
  • Detailing Terminology
  • Safety In Detailing
  • Chemicals – Solvent, Organic, Water
  • Art & Science of Detailing
  • Protection: Selection & Chemistry
  • Live Demo: Our Most Used Chemicals
  • Product & Surface Compatibility
  • Pad & Product Compatibility
  • Dr. Beasley’s Nano Surface Primers Pad & Machine Compatibility
  • Polishing Smaller Areas: Pads & Tools
  • Machines for 2 Stage Polishing
  • Pad & Product Selection for 2 Stage Polishing
  • Paint Thickness Gauge – Specialty Tools
  • Live Demo: Overview of Equipment
  • Vehicle Evaluation – 3 Part Video Series
  • Live Demo: Jeep Evaluation – Tools & Skills to Meet Customer Expectations
  • Honing Your Technique
  • Prep Wash: 2 Part Video Series
  • Profit with Car PRO Hydr02
  • Live Demo: Decontamination Wash and Clay Bar
  • Polishing – 6 Part Video Series
  • Rupes Polishing Pads for Single Stage Polishing
  • Taking Care of Your Pads
  • Hard or Soft Paint
  • Profit with One Stage Polishing
  • Live Demo: Prodift with 1 Year Sprayable Ceramic Coating
  • Live Demo: Decal Removal In Small Area & Buffing
  • 2 Stage Polishing Variables
  • Prep¬† Addons Services for 2 Stage Polishing
  • Additional Profits with 2 Stage Polishing
  • 3 Stage Polishing Explained
  • Glass – Cleaning, Polishing, Protection
  • Wheel Care
  • Live Demo: Hydroflouric Acid on Wheels: 2 Part Video Series
  • Engine Bay Detailing
  • Intro To Interiors
  • Interior Tools & Equipment
  • Interior Work Flow
  • Chemicals for Interior Detailing
  • Towels & Wash Mitts
  • Leather Identification & Care
  • Ozone Air Purification – Speciality Tools
  • 15 Areas That Make or Break A Detail
  • Final Inspection Checklist
  • Thank You & Course Benefits
Build A Lifestyle Business

The Business of Detailing Course

With our Business of Detailing course, you can follow the exact model and principles we’ve perfected over 35+ years and make it your own. You’ll walk through your own business model development, operational decisions, revenue streams and much more!
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Business of Detailing Course

For: Building & Maintaining a Lifestyle Auto Detailing Business

  • Download All Supporting Documents & Slideshows
  • The Four Main Elements of A Good Business Model
  • Setting Up The Right Business Infrastructure
  • Characteristics of A Good Business Model
  • Identifying & Segmenting Good Customers
  • Service Offerings
  • Your Policy Choices
  • Your Asset Choices
  • Your Management Choices
  • Be Unique and Offer Memorable Value
  • Communicate & Measure
  • Capital Resources
  • Cost Structures
  • Phone Sales, Consultation, Service, Appointments
  • Scheduling New Vs Established Clients
  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • Vehicle Inspections, Repeat Clients, Following Up
  • Promoting, Engage Your Customers, Research Target Market
  • Segmenting Your Customers with Personas & Identifying Problems
  • Tracking Revenue Streams To Adapt Your Business
  • Thank You & Course Benefits
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